Quest, Buff and Other Improvements

Thanks to you testers for your feedback!  Your suggestions have led to various improvements that went live this weekend.

  • The quest picker now gives more info about quests:  whether the quest has been completed, what level characters can go on the quest, and which quests will move the adventurer to a new area.  Also, old, low-level quests will be visible in the quest picker.
  • Buffs now stay for four active turns.  They used to just stay for four turns, even if the adventurer was not active.
  • Non-player adventurers now have more varied names.
  • If you buff a non-player adventurer, there  is now a chance they will return the favor.
  • If you benefitted from a buff during a turn, the buff is mentioned in the text at the bottom of that turn.
  • Adventurers don’t level up quite so fast now.
  • The level cap has been set at 9.  The level cap will rise as higher level content becomes available.

    Meanwhile, work continues on the new quests and areas.


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